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I’m Solomon Sire, a regular mouse, who lives, just like you, on a street in a house.

With Mom, Dad, and Sis we're a family of four. Nothing so special I thought...but no more!"

Introduction: Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib

About Solomon Sire Ventures

Solomon Sire Ventures (  offers  products and services that make character development fun for young children and their families.  By creating engaging opportunities for age-appropriate dialog, we make it simpler and easier for parents and teachers to introduce and reinforce qualities of character in their children. More importantly, we empower these caregivers to establish their own guidelines for positive behavior and good decision-making  that start early and last a lifetime.  Solomon Sire Ventures is located in the metro-west Boston suburb of Southborough, Massachusetts.

About Diane E. Root, Author and Founder

I started writing Solomon Sire stories in 2010 as a fun way to introduce and discuss qualities of character with my then six year old boy-girl twins.  After talking with friends and family, I realized many of us struggle with this topic.  There seemed to be a general agreement that while character is considered something good to have, and that character education for children is very important,  it’s hard to do,  hard to know where to start and hard to find the time for it in today’s busy parenting world.

That piqued my interest and started my research on the subject.   I found several scientific studies that correlated character education in children with more positive outcomes later in life.  I also discovered that, for many reasons, the preschool years may be one of the best times to introduce concepts of character to children.  These findings sparked my eventual passion for this work: empowering parents to inspire qualities of character in their young children by making it simpler and easier to start the process and move forward.

Of course, character development occurs over time, not as the result of one conversation or class.  That said, making it easier and enjoyable to start the process can be a huge help, I think, to many parents.  By offering the light-hearted fun and whimsy of Solomon Sire stories, classes, and materials, I hope to give parents a starting place for dialog, a context for continued conversation, and a few tools to help reinforce their own qualities of character in their families.

Diane E. Root, MBA

Solomon Sire Ventures

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“What an engaging, clever and helpful book! Thank you for helping to make my job as a parent easier!"

--Betsy, mom to a 7-year-old daughter, NYC, NY


"What a refreshing story! This is just the kind of book that's needed early in each kid's life."

--Maurice Howe, great-grandfather, Endwell, NY


"My little boy loves this do I!"

--Mary Jane, Maplewood, NJ