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I’m Solomon Sire, a regular mouse, who lives, just like you, on a street in a house.

With Mom, Dad, and Sis we're a family of four. Nothing so special I thought...but no more!"

Introduction: Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib


"Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib"


Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib

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Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib is an engaging, humorous story that follows a young mouse named Solomon as he experiences the allure and perils of exaggeration.  After discovering the magic of his family’s Great Box filled with gems of wisdom, Solomon begins his own journey for gems to add. Soon, he inadvertently creates his first challenge -- to stop his own ever-growing Fantastic Fib!   As Solomon’s lie grows, so does the Fib, and the young mouse must figure out how to stop both as they start spiraling out of control.

 Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib is a fun, light-hearted tale that will appeal to young children and adults alike.  The book also includes a guide at the end, with questions that can be used to continue conversations on telling the truth.

What People are Saying...

"What an engaging, clever and helpful book! It has generated great conversations with my child. Reading and discussing it together made me feel good about helping my daughter become a thoughtful and honest person, and even helped me feel closer to her. And the illustrations are fun and beautiful. Thank you for helping to make my job as a parent easier. We look forward to more Solomon Sire adventures!"

--Betsy, mom of a 7-year-old daughter, NYC, NY

"What a refreshing story, with some real 'meat' in it! Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib is just the kind of book that's needed early in each kid's life. My great-grandchildren will love (and learn from) hearing us read this treasure to them. Thanks so much!"

--Maurice Howe, Endwell, NY

"My children are arguing right now and it is all your doing. They have read Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib at least five times a week since we got the book. Sometimes they read it to each other, but right now they are doing 'rock, paper, scissors'; to see who gets it first!"

--JSP, Southborough, MA

"I have to tell you, I read Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib to my (English as a Second Language) class today and the students LOVED it! The teacher even had them writing things about lying afterward. It's a wonderful book, beautifully illustrated and beautifully written."

--Marilyn Gildersleeve, ESL volunteer, Framingham, MA

"My little boy loves this do I!"

--Mary Jane, Maplewood, NJ

About the Solomon Sire Series

The Adventures of Solomon Sire stories were developed to give parents a fun, easy way to talk to their young children about concepts of character.  By making abstract ideas more concrete and understandable for children, each story provides both an engaging starting place for dialog and a context for continued conversation that helps parents introduce and reinforce character development in their own families.

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And all of a sudden, I knew what to do. I took a deep breath, and I counted, 'One...two...' and yelled just as loud as I could, 'IT’S NOT TRUE!'"

Excerpt from: Solomon Sire and the Fantastic Fib